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We believe...

While potential, passion and skill are necessary conditions to achieve success, they may not be sufficient. In Ambit Pragma, you, the entrepreneur, have an able ally to grow your company. However, before beginning a relationship together, it is important that we get the right fit.

  • What We Look For in Companies
  • What You Can Expect from Us
  • Our Process

We look for companies that have:

  • A focus on India and are not listed on the stock markets

  • Clocking revenues upwards of INR 30 Crores (INR 300 million) with a track record of profitability

  • Ambition to grow at a fast pace and in need of equity capital of INR 30-70 Crores (INR 300-700 million)

  • Run by management teams who have the passion to build valuable businesses

  • Focus Sectors

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  • Our Investments

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